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Jack & The Giants Nov 1st
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Giants are supposed to be big, mean, and nasty. They eat anyone who crosses their path. But Flinch isn't like other giants. He's constantly picked on by his bigger brothers for being sweet, caring, and... a vegetarian! When he sneaks away from his home in the mountaintops to the valley below, he befriends a poor young boy named Jack. Soon he's found a new home, but his bigger brothers won't let him go that easily.

CMT's fall production is a twist on the classic story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Featuring some of our largest puppets, this show is also big on heart! It runs through the end of the year.

*Field trips for groups may be available during the week and can be arranged via phone call or email. Prices may vary according to group size.

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Special Guest Artist November 1st

CMT is committed to creating quality puppet shows and are excited to begin a new tradition of bringing accomplished and innovative guest puppeteers to our audiences.

Following the success of Hobey Ford's Golden Rod Puppets earlier in the year, CMT was awarded a second grant from the City of Columbia for our series of visiting artists. The first will be Drew Allison of Grey Seal Puppets, three time winner of the UNIMA award, puppetry's highest honor. He will perform on Saturday, November 1st at 11am and 3pm.

The Emperor's New Clothes

What's big and fat and pink and loves to dress up in fancy clothes? Give up? It's the Emperor himself in Grey Seal Puppets' clever adaptation of The Emperor's New Clothes. Not only is this Emperor big, fat and pink, he just happens to be a pig.

The Hans Christian Andersen story takes on a whole new dimension as this clas¬sic is transformed into a fable. The crafty tailors are foxes; the prime minister a near-sighted camel; and the councilor, a befuddled old walrus. Even the audience takes part, as animals, of course.

Children will recognize the Emperor as a vain ruler who easily falls for the tailors' story of a magic cloth. Those who can see the cloth are smart and good at what they do. Those who can't see the cloth are not fit for their jobs and should be fired. It takes the honesty of a child to see what they really are.

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Celebrate with Us

Marionette Mondays

Can't come on Saturday? We perform the show on the third Monday of every month at 10 a.m. See the show and get a backstage tour!

Celebrating a birthday -- or any special occasion -- at the puppet theatre will be a party your child or group will never forget! We have 4 themed party areas to choose from – Land of Oz, Dino Park, Undersea Kingdom or the Medieval Castle.

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